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The Center for Business Development and Cooperation with Russia is a space for exchange and liaison between Russia and African countries from Benin. It is a hotspot for all initiatives linking Russia and Africa.

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The creation of a «Center for Business Development and Cooperation with Russia» is a joint private initiative of both parties aimed at strengthening economic and trade relations between Russia and Africa.

Type of Organization

The Center for Development and Cooperation of Enterprises with Russia is a non-profit organization, thus constituting the legitimate, objective and independent voice of the trade relations between the countries of Africa and Russia


Conscious of the high standards of social responsibility, we create long-term confidential conditions for cooperation between African countries and the Russian Federation.


We encourage cross-investments, constructive dialogue and better understanding of Russian and African reality


Business Attention

The needs of the partners are one of the main priorities of the center.

Our working principles

Anticipate, combine, find non-standard solutions

Team player

The exchange of views and the joint adoption of effective solutions to problems help us move forward.


Willingness to reunite the countries of Africa and Russia and become an indispensable companion of the long-term relations between Africa and Russia

Headquarter in West Africa (ECOWAS)

  • ECOWAS is the largest economic community in Africa - West African States - A regional integration association of West African countries.
    1. Includes 15 states: Benin, Burkina Faso, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Cape Verde, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria (260 million inhabitants), Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo
  • The abundance of minerals in this region of Africa
    1. Coal, petroleum, niobium, tantalum, tin and iron ores and non-ferrous ores.
    2. Guinea exports in global content of bauxite
  • In the context of ECOWAS, macroeconomic, industrial and educational trade policy has been harmonized, the ECOWAS trade development strategy has been formulated.
  • ECOWAS is a large common market among the member countries.
  • By 2021, the population of West Africa will increase by 1.4%

Advantage of the Republic of Benin

  • The main industries of the economy
    1. Agriculture - 43% of GDP: Benin's economic growth is mainly driven by the agrarian sector and trade.
    2. Agriculture - 43% of GDP: Benin's economic growth is mainly driven by the agrarian sector and trade. * * Benin's manufacturing industry is underdeveloped, mainly limited by the processing of primary products and the production of consumer goods.
    3. The services sector in Benin is growing rapidly, stimulated by economic liberalization and financial reforms.
    4. The business climate is continuously improving and is
    5. A strategic location for business development
  • Exports $ 2,974 billion (2018)
    1. Export items: cotton (24%), agricultural products, seafood, shea butter, palm products. Cashew nuts (stable price) (22%), gold (12%).Main export partners: China 27%, India 22% France 15%. Export is dominated by raw materials.
  • Imports of $ 4.387 billion (2018)
    1. Imports: food products, capital goods, petroleum products. Main importing partners: China 30.2%, Algeria 25%, India 13%. * The presence of a large port with advantageous tariffs. * Transit area for countries: Niger, Mali.

Benin is located in the center of ECOWAS (West Africa) - it is a free economy - industrial relations between the participating countries