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To Investors

Today, Africa is a place for investment with political stability and the «Center for Business Development and Cooperation with Russia» guarantees support, assistance and guidance for trade and investment

Priority projects

After a study of the African market and a qualitative assessment of the economy of each region of Africa, our experts have identified the areas most promising for businesses.


  • Refinery in Benin
    1. Purchase of oil directly from NNPC
    2. The Republic of Benin does not have its own refinery.
  • Tomato paste production
    1. The basic ingredient of all African African dishes
    2. Imports of tomato paste in West African countries amount to more than $ 2.5 billion.
  • Recycling plant
    1. EU countries buy large quantities of used plastic
  • Electricity
    1. The need to develop renewable energies:
    2. Construction of two hydroelectric plants, Installation of solar panels with a total capacity of 95 MW, Creation of a biomaterials plant (15 MW)


  • Tomato paste
    1. Annual imports in West African countries: $ 2.5 billion
    2. Nigeria is considered the largest importer of tomatoes in the world (500000 tons)
  • Vegetable oil
    1. Annual volume of ECOWAS vegetable oil: more than 13 million tons
  • Milk | Baby food
    1. Pasteurized milk popular long-term
    2. Nigeria imports 1.5 billion liters of milk a year
  • Semi-finished products
    1. The popularity of frozen ready meals, cereals and noodles instant and packaged products increases
  • Chicken
    1. Chicken consumption in ECOWAS countries has increased by almost 100% in the last 5 years
    2. By 2025, chicken consumption in ECOWAS countries will increase 150%
    3. Every year 2 million tons for 3 billion dollars are imported


  • Premium Real Estate | Business Centers | Shopping Centers
    1. Annual increase in middle-class income
    2. Mandatory presence of an office with companies registered in Africa West
    3. The cost of real estate in Dakar has increased by 250% over the past 5 years

Tourism development | Entertainment

  • Water park
    1. Practical climate conditions
    2. 40% of the population of West Africa: children (0-14 years)
  • Mall
    1. Income of the middle class: $30,000
  • Hotels | Restaurants | Discotheques | Casino (Benin)
    1. In 2018, the construction of the Marriott hotel in Cotonou was launched.
    2. High and profitable income in these areas of activity
    3. According to experts, West Africa is a promising area for gambling

Implementation Support

  • Construction of a factory cashew nut processing (early 2020)
    1. Our industry experts have selected an African region with the best economic and social indicators policies for the construction of a processing plant Cashew.
    2. Depending on the needs of the investor, we organized meetings with senior officials and key partners in Republic of Benin.
    3. Provided comprehensive assistance by providing legal support.
    4. Especially for the investor, we have agreed with the authorities to introduce the right of first refusal the purchase of raw materials and the maximum reduction of the export on finished cashew nuts.
    5. According to experts, West Africa is a promising area for gambling