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Marketing and Public Relations | Event

By cooperating with trusted partners, we guarantee the creation of high quality trade promotion and the development of a long-term strategy for your products and services in the African market.

  • Identify a targeted media pool to promote your business in Africa
  • Advertise your product on Led screens in key areas of Africa with potential customers
  • Brand your business, taking into account the attitude of the local population towards new businesses / products in the African market.
  • Organization of events for your company / product presentations to key government representatives and regional figures
  • Participation of your company in events related to your company profile

Legal Support

For the complete security of your business in Africa, the Center for Business Development and Cooperation with Russia provides legal assistance when working in a new market. By using the services of our lawyers, you protect your interests in Africa

Education / Language Courses | Culture

  • The center employs certified teachers who will provide comprehensive assistance for admission to Russian universities.
  • Our specialists organize teaching in the best universities of the Russian Federation, with additional jobs.
  • To develop strong long-term relations between African countries and the Russian Federation, we invite our partners to take part in activities aimed at developing cultural values ​​and commercial relations.

Visa and tourism assistance

  • The center accompanies any student wishing to continue their study in Russia through scholarships
  • The center organizes language courses for languages ​​people wishing to learn the Russian language

Solutions For Companies

Market Research

Our qualified specialists will conduct a study, taking into account your needs and goals for each African country.

Demand Analysis

By collecting and analyzing daily indicators macroeconomic, by contacting the local market, evaluating the impact on a particular product, our industry experts calculate all estimated costs and revenues, so that you can see how good it is to penetrate the African market.

Business Missions

Depending on the needs of your projects, we will organize a trade mission to a specific region of Africa. You will meet representatives of local authorities, you return to industrial areas and meet key business partners.

Representation Commercial

Assistance in the organization of representative offices and the opening of subsidiaries, providing legal and administrative support complete your business in Africa.

B2B - Meeting

During your stay in Africa, we will organize meetings and negotiations with decision-making partners potential. Reliable and long-term cooperation is our primary objective.


To be able to join the «Center for the Development of enterprises and African cooperation with Russia», the African manufacturer should meet certain requirements, such as that have certificates and be tested in several steps by the central control group. Based on the knowledge of commercial practices of African partners, our specialists provide full support for the transaction.


Our experts, after analyzing the application and research the African market in demand for your product, will provide: key figures, an assessment of the potential of distribution of wholesale and retail distribution networks, the desired region of Africa for your product or service, control the whole process.

Maintenance steps

Specialists from the Center for Business Development and Cooperation with Russia provide comprehensive business development assistance on the African continent.